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Things You Should Include In Your Prepping Gear

One can never predict the exact time that danger will strike. For instance, a thunderstorm passes through your area and power all over the place is wiped out and you have to wait for days before it gets back on. Or maybe you get in a situation where you get lost in the woods while camping and you need to build your overnight shelter.

A lot of people lack knowledge of roll out bags or bug out rolls. Maybe they have quite an idea but still need to know about what is important. In preparing your gear, you must think of the probable situations where you need survival materials. In order to survive for about three days, a 72 hour bug out bag is suggested.

To learn more about survival, read various articles about people who got stuck or stranded or other emergency situations. There are a lot of things to consider when preparing your bug out pack. It is best to know the number of people who will be involved. If you are alone, prepare supplies for two persons. For a family, the entire family should have enough share. It doesn’t matter whether you get one large bag or use many small bags. What is important is that all the supplies you need will be ready. Take into account your location and the environmental situations you will encounter. Remember these things when deciding what to include in your pack. Most bags have standard items and it is up to you to add other items that you need.

Make sure to place the most essential which is water. Due to dehydration, you survive a fewer days without water compared to more days without food. One gallon of water per person per day should be allotted. Whether the water is bottled or placed in a sealed pouch, make sure you have water purification tablets or filter straws.

Next on the list is high energy food that can be kept for a long time. The most appropriate are energy or nutrition bars that can last for years and are easy to bring. You can also consider placing meals that only need hot water. Include also high protein foods such as mixed nuts.

Place in your bag some extra clothes. These can be used for other things aside from changing what you wear.

If you have space in your bag, include also a tent or tarp. You can bring two tarps, one above you and one to lay on. A sleeping bag can be included if you have space.

A complete first aid kit is a must for bug out bags. Bandages, disinfectant, tweezers, gauze, medical tape, scissors and other important things should be present. You might need to cut things so include a survival knife or small saw also.

Check the contents of your bug out bag regularly and keep it dry. Place it in an accessible area. Don’t forget to grab your bug out bag immediately when the situation calls for it! Want to survive? Start planning now!

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